Stakeholder Positioning and Cultural Diversity In The Creative Sector

The ‘creative sector’ is an important driver of ongoing innovation and economic growth (Cooke
& Lazzeretti, 2008; Jaw, Chen & Chen, 2012). A recent study with Annemarie Kamp (currently with PWC) focused  on ‘modern architecture’ as an exemplary creative segment within the creative sector, characterized by its plurality of strongly networked organizations with ties to both arts and engineering and its highly diverse organizational cultures. We explored  the collaborative cross-cultural stakeholder process that drives stakeholder positioning in the London
modern architecture scene. A simply fascinating and highly creative setting. Our findings indicate that network positioning by artists and their commissioning architects relates to bringing creative outputs to the market, while taking the diversity of organizational cultures into account. An accurate understanding of one’s positioning
and the positioning of one’s counterparts in a commissioned arts work process is critical to steer creative collaboration. The project outcomes provide an overview of positioning criteria to be taken into account by
artists or commissioning architects operating in a culturally diverse environment.

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