Harvard Business Review Japan event: speaker on sustainable M&A strategies

It is a great honor to be invited as a speaker on sustainable M&A strategies at the prestigious Harvard Business Review Diamond event in Japan, alongside distinguished corporate leaders such as the CEO of FujiFilm and the CEO of Nestle Japan. Much looking forward to my research stay at Tokyo Institute of Technology, courtesy of prof.dr. Shintaro Sengoku, we will continue our research on the Japanese context of corporate restructuring and responsible M&A.

During the event I will explore the ways in which M&A can enhance both short-term and long-term value creation or disruption. Additionally I will reflect on the significance of restructuring as a precursor to future investment. Additionally, during my presentation, we will be joined by several partners from PWC Japan as well as Kirin Holdings to discuss sustainable innovation and its relationship with M&A.

What’s the draw? Well among others to:

Learn how mergers and acquisition (M&A) strategies can influence both short-term gains and long-term value creation, while also potentially disrupting existing market dynamics.

Gain insight into the importance of restructuring processes as a strategic step towards future investment opportunities, understanding its role as a precursor to sustainable growth and development.

Walk away with actionable insights and strategic considerations for leveraging M&A opportunities, understanding how they can be aligned with sustainable innovation initiatives to foster long-term growth and competitiveness in the market.

Benefit from the diverse perspectives brought by partners from PWC Japan and Kirin Holdings, exploring the intersection of sustainable innovation and M&A strategies, and how these factors can drive organizational resilience and both short and longer term growth opportunity.