Welcome. I am a tenured Associate Professor of Strategy and Innovation at Radboud University, Nijmegen School of Management and affiliated with the Institute of Management Research, the Netherlands where I founded the Centre for Organization Restructuring. For over fifteen years now I have been researching, consulting, and teaching on organization restructuring and how network analytics can be of value added to resolve critical business issues varying from voluntary innovation to necessary reorganization.

I have been involved with these topics  both from a business perspective as a consultant and manager at Deloitte Consulting, and currently as an academic.  I wrote my dissertation thesis at the University of Groningen on the topic of the evolution of intra-organization networks.  My consulting and academic work also got me engaged in various projects on strategic change to companies across Europe. I currently serve as a member of the editorial board of Journal of Management Studies and as a visiting scholar at the Tokyo Institute of Technology where I focus on health tech M&A and tech driven innovation. Prior I was a visiting scholar at Imperial College London, the National University of Ireland and Tokyo Institute of Technology around the themes of network analytics and organization restructuring.

Both of these themes also resonate in the technology inspired EC funded research program that I currently coordinate and to which I served as main applicant: FINDER. FINDER is a collaboration between Radboud University and Atos together with various other prominent partners of which among others Warwick Business School, KU Leuven, University of Groningen and the Free University (Amsterdam). The initiative is the outcome of a competitive Marie Curie Research and Training Program funded by the European Committee and stands for: Fostering Innovation Networks in a Digital Era in which 5 excellent fresh PhD fellows are set out to explore how we can Foster Innovation Networks in a Digital Era as a society. The scoping  is set to investigate the innovative collaborative arrangement among organizations – grassroots, incumbents and the wider society –  as they inclusively explore digital technology for new product or market development. An exciting journey that promises exciting outcomes.

All my research pivots on the intersection between academia and business in which I prefer a multidisciplinary approach to drive fresh ideas and to keep things exciting. Over the years I have worked with a variety of organizations from this agnle (a.o. Philips, BDO, Siemens, Equens, ING, Deloitte, ATOS,  Ministry of Justice, and last – but in  the context of innovation certainly not least – a diversity of SME’s) on a variety of solutions including new business development, innovation policy, scenario analysis and reorganization strategies. In my academic capacity I served on expert panels from the European Commission as well as on the editorial board of one of our leading management journals in the field: Journal of Management Studies.

This platform provides a selection of insights rendered from these projects for those interested. By all means feel free to reach out to discuss on any of the above themes in more detail.


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by Rick Aalbers, PhD